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Booklet printing is more than just text, images and printing. When you print booklets, you have to consider several market forces and elements that will determine the features, design and ultimate performance of your output.

So let me explain to you the market forces that you need to consider. Just read the list below and try to understand each item one by one. Your color booklets should benefit a lot once all these factors are considered in your design and content.

• Your readers – They are the major market elements to consider. Your readers will of course have different needs in terms of information and functionality for a booklet. Some will want a copy that gives information simply and easily, others would want detailed information in it. Moreover, some readers might also prefer those with various designs or styles to others.

If you can match those needs, design preferences, and integrate that into the content and design, your readers should be able to engage more with your custom booklets, giving your copies the best chance of success. So always try to understand your readers and see to it that what they want and need are already there in yours.

• Your goals – The next big market element is your booklet goals. Whether they are business goals or personal goals does not matter. The goal will set some of the specific content that will be integrated into the design. If you need to get more sales, then you will need specific content that calls people to action and respond.

If your goal is different however and you just want to communicate information, then your copy should have more detailed content that your real readers need. Your goals will have a big influence on the overall approach to your designs. So make sure you are clear about them, so that you can also be clear with your booklet designs.

• Your competition – The competition is of course a well-known market element. Your designs and even the overall process can and will most likely be shaped by your competition. In terms of design, you will always want to use a design that is different and wildly original when compared to the competition. This will help your output to be distinct and memorable to most people.

In terms of printing, you will always want to be one up from the typical materials. Having the best materials would make you better fit at facing the competition. So make you always pay attention to the threat and the challenge of your competition.

• Key partners – Finally, you should always try to be aware of key opportunities in your market that can help you a lot. By knowing some printing companies, designers, marketers and other professionals, you can try to get advice, suggestions and even some discounts. It pays to make friends with these people since you will be collaborating with them in the future. Helping hands and key partners will make the whole process a lot easier for you, so make sure you look for them.

These are the different market factors that can help you shape your designs and even make the process of printing easier. Trust me, by taking all of these into account once you design and print, you will be able to get better outputs for the correct use.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print booklets or booklet printing industry that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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