Backing Up Important Information Using Quantum’s Latest LTO-6 Backup Technology

Written by Shawn on Mon, 21 Jan 2013 06:58:07 GMT

<p>The Quantum’s latest generation of “Linear Tape Open” is a high performance backup solution which many large companies could benefit from. In addition, midsized businesses and fast-growing companies can use the device in order to save important information on these tapes. Companies relying heavily on research and development (such as pharmaceuticals, nuclear technology and weaponry, governmental organizations and other such businesses) could use the tape in order to save quite a lot of information because the tapes come with an enormous storage capacity of 6.25 TB (of uncompressed data) and 2.5 TB of native data. This would make the tape ideal for those wanting to store large files and data related to progress, taxes, balance sheets, secret projects and other such information which is best kept away and hidden.</p> <p>The tape would also be good at protecting information due to the data encryption. Not only would this be good when it comes to parties seeking to ruin a company or ...

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Small Companies Have Low Budget and Dell’s LTO2 Tape Would be The Best Option for Data Backups

Written by Shawn on Thu, 17 Jan 2013 07:24:05 GMT

<p>It is very important that businesses prepare themselves to face trouble that they may face considering the number of threats that computers, laptops and other such devices are prone to. Nowadays many new viruses are coming to exist and it is difficult to get a hold of the people making these viruses because of the fact that the internet is available to so many people all around the world, today and so businesses must minimize the damage caused to information stored on their databases or else they could lose everything to the point that they may not be able to bounce back up to the level that they were at initially.</p> <p>A computer’s software may not be the safest place to save data because no one knows what might happen to it or when. Anyone may hack any computer. It is not very difficult to hack into a laptop even with passwords on. It is very possible that someone from within a company would attempt to hack into a laptop or computer and employers would not be aware of who hac...

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Valuable Data From Midrange Servers Can Be Protected at Unbeatable Cost With HP LTO Ultrium 4 Tape

Written by Shawn on Wed, 16 Jan 2013 07:51:08 GMT

<p>Every business requires a device, other than their computers and databases, on which they can store information and store these devices so that no one can get a hold of the information stored in these tapes. A computer’s software is always prone to danger due to external threats such as hackers and viruses. One never knows when they may attack a business’ database and the worst part is that by the time one of these have affected the database, most of the information is lost and cannot be recovered. That would mean a business would have to research all over again so that it could regain the lost information.</p> <p>Would it not be better if a business could preserve this data on a separate device? This way employers and employees can always extract this information from these tapes- only if and when the need to retrieve this information strikes. That way, this business would be saved only on the device and no one can touch it. One can always erase this information from the compute...

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Why Dell’s LTO2 Tape is The Leading System in Small Backup Industry?

Written by Shawn on Tue, 15 Jan 2013 06:40:08 GMT

<p>Backup technology is something that every business requires nowadays. Since the development of cyberspace many companies, businesses and organizations are exposed to different kinds of threats from all over the world. Though cyberspace and the internet have made the world a smaller place, they are not as safe as one would think they are. Apart from technical threats, companies are also prone to dangers from people who try to take advantage of a weak security system and a mode of protection which lacks in some parts when it comes to hackers. Passwords can easily be decoded and what is worse is that in the world of today no one can be trusted. For all you know, that employee you trust so much could be the one hacking into your system, saving important files on to a <span class="caps">USB</span> flash drive and giving these files to someone else who may have promised them a handsome amount of money. No, this does not just happen in movies and television shows!</p> <p>Besides the dra...

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HP DAT-160 Tape Ideal for Today’s Small Scale Companies

Written by Shawn on Mon, 14 Jan 2013 05:45:19 GMT

<p>The growth strategy for each and every business is very different. The growth strategy taken up by a business depends upon the scale of the business and the type of the business. For instance, a large scale business would strive to achieve economies of scale in order to make the business grow where as a small scale business would prefer to engage in lower level marketing. Whichever be the scale of the business, one type of strategy that can be adopted by all businesses is the installation of backup technology. Backup technology is of utmost importance in the modern world, each and every business makes use of computer in the operations so if a disaster strikes and impairs the functioning of the computer the business will encounter heavy losses. There are several examples that can be found in the history where businesses lost their data due to a computer disaster and never really recovered it. The invention of backup technology changed this scenario completely by providing a duplic...

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Midsized Companies Can Accommodate More Data is Lesser Space With HP LTO Ultrium 5 Tape

Written by Shawn on Fri, 11 Jan 2013 06:05:10 GMT

<p>You might have never come across a situation in which you lose all your important data which was stored on your computer and you just might be thinking that this is something which happens to other people and might never happen to you. But you are absolutely wrong. At one time or another, you will definitely face such a scenario and even if you think that you won’t, you should still consider being on the safe side. The data which is stored on the hard drives of your computer system is sometimes very important and it is by far the most crucial thing for businesses and organizations which are so much dependent on the use of computer systems. It is said that more than seventy percent of the organizations are forced to go out of business simply because of data failure. This shows how important it is to backup all important data on a regular basis. There are not many businesses out there in today’s world, which operate without having proper backing up systems. Computers have become su...

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Store Important Information on This Quantum LTO 6 Tape at a Low Cost

Written by Shawn on Thu, 10 Jan 2013 06:36:15 GMT

<p>Backing up information that is important to an organization or a business is important. Several things could go wrong and storing such information in a separate device would help ensure that the damage caused by these incidents or threats is reduced as far as possible. <span class="caps">DDS</span> and <span class="caps">LTO</span> tapes are examples of backup technology devices.</p> <p>This would help a company bounce back to its initial position without having to spend time, money and energy on researching upon the same subject or topic all over again. Often this information may not even be recoverable or traceable, if they are stored on the database or on a computer’s software, because balance sheets, taxes and data which help a business judge its progress are examples of such information.</p> <p>The solution to this is to invest in backup technology. As the name suggests, backup technology would provide one with an external source on which information can be stored. This way ...

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Why Small Companies Go For Quantum’s DDS 4 Backup Tapes

Written by Shawn on Wed, 09 Jan 2013 06:28:18 GMT

<p>The entire world communicates with one another in one way or another. There are more than one ways of communicating with one another nowadays because of technological advancements, technological devices and cyberspace. Cyberspace has made the world smaller and it has contributed a lot to globalization. Businesses can now interact with one another regardless of their location, boundaries and/or their fields. Companies working in different fields can now collaborate with one another to come up with an idea that is beneficial to all participants because of cyberspace. Having said that, cyberspace is not without its faults. Online networks expose computer software to a number of external and internal threats such as viruses and hackers. Hackers can easily use such a network to their advantage and retrieve important information from anyone’s database. Offline networks are not immune to such threats either. Just because one goes “offline” that does not mean that the computer cannot be ...

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Cost Effectively Protect Important Data With The AIT5 Backup Tape

Written by Shawn on Tue, 08 Jan 2013 06:22:07 GMT

<p>Research and development is an integral part of a number of companies- pharmaceutical companies, those involved in nuclear technology and weaponry and other companies involved in the production of similar products and projects. Often these companies store important information on their software which may be at risk of being stolen, erased by viruses or retrieved by hackers. Passwords can easily be decoded by hackers because, after all, that is what they are good at doing. One may not even be aware that a hacker has entered their database in order to steal such information. This could prove to be quite dangerous in the long run which is why it is a necessity for businesses to use an alternative source upon which this information could be saved.</p> <p>Where viruses are concerned, businesses that interact with each other online would always be at the risk of getting affected by these because that is how they interact with one another- via the internet and cyberspace. A business may...

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Backing Up Important Information With the Cost Efficient Quantum LTO 5 Tape

Written by Shawn on Mon, 07 Jan 2013 05:36:43 GMT

<p>Many businesses often lose important information because of lack of protection. This lack of protection leaves networks open to all kinds of threats- external and internal ones. In the competitive corporate world of today many companies are willing to cut down the competition so that they have a hold over the market and can benefit by controlling the market without anyone else in the picture. Often big businesses are able to do this because of cartels and monopolize and they have the funds and resources to take advantage of unfair methods of ensuring that they are the only ones benefiting.</p> <p>Such businesses employ hackers in order to hack into another’s system or database via online and offline networks. These hackers can retrieve important information which could harm them in the future and possibly lead to their shutdown. It is not uncommon to hear of hackers getting such information via legal means: the problem with this is that hackers often use methods that are actually...

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