Visualize Your Way To Strength

Written by RoseannaLeaton on Wed, 09 Jan 2013 19:49:28 GMT

<p>It&apos;s that time of the year when New Years Resolutions are embarked upon and this for many means attempting to change bad habits and become a little healthier and stronger.  Gym memberships, exercise programs, detoxes and diets are often perceived as the mainstay of this agenda and people cross their fingers and hope that they are successful in their plans. </p> <p>Nevertheless, statistics show that the majority of people do not actually usually stick to their perhaps not so well laid plans.  A real resolution involves true resolve and a determination to see a plan through to its successful conclusion.  It isn’t a loosely conceived wish or hope.  The fact is that some of us are batter planners than others.  Some of us are more determined than others.  Some of us have more motivation than others. </p> <p>Your success in your objectives will in the end hinge upon your attitude, beliefs and thoughts as you embark upon and progress towards your goals.  Your mind and its focus...

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Think Your Way To Good Health

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<p>The concept that thinking in a healthy manner will assist a person to have a healthier physiology is not a new one.  Far from it; it is at the heart of ancient traditions. Our bodies mirror the sum total of our thoughts and experiences as well as our genetic inheritance.</p> <p>I was reminded of this fact the other day when I was chatting with an experienced masseuse therapist.  We were discussing the prevalence of back issues in the modern day world, many of which are connected with sitting too long in a bad or inappropriate postural position.</p> <p>Patients will turn up for an appointment desperately searching for a fast cure for their back issues.  They want a fix and they want it fast.  Few of them are as willing to examine the why part of their problems.  They might think that they are willing but underneath the surface they perhaps have ambivalent feelings regarding this whole issue.</p> <p>What do I mean by ambivalence?  They might perhaps think that there is nothin...

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Help To Stop Food Cravings And Lose Weight Successfully

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<p>When you want to lose weight or to eliminate certain food items or food groups from your day-to-day diet you have to be good at controlling the way in which you think about such food.  A good mental strategy towards your eating plan and diet is required.</p> <p>If you watched the movie &#8220;Five Year Engagement&#8221; you might have noticed the reference to the &#8220;Marshmallow Experiment&#8221; and then the subsequent testing of these research findings with stale donuts.  The marshmallow experiment was conducted by Walter Mischel of Stanford University and basically tested a child&apos;s ability to delay gratification.</p> <p>In brief, each child was told that they could have one marshmallow now or two later if they were able to wait.  They were left in a room with a marshmallow in front of them.  Some children simply ate the marshmallow immediately.  Others tried a variety of strategies in their attempt to wait.  About a third of the 600 children who were tested success...

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Help To Overcome Fears About Surgery And To Recover Quickly Afterwards

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<p>It is rare to discover a patient who really looks forward to surgery without having a few fears trying to hide themselves in the back of his or her mind.  Some manage to keep those fears well hidden but others find this task a little more difficult to achieve.</p> <p>We all know that fears cause tension. What you perhaps do not fully appreciate is that the more relaxed a patient is the easier surgery tends to be and the quicker the recovery time.  Hence it is extremely important to address any fears and to overcome them to the very best of one’s ability.</p> <p>When preparing for surgery your medical team will do their very best to explain the procedure and to allay any fears that you might have.  This tends to be approached from a factual, logical mind, perspective.  Most patients also try to focus their minds logically and to simply try to push any feelings of fear to the back of his or her mind.  You in effect try to suppress the fear, keep a stiff upper lip and just get o...

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Help To Stop Snoring

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<p>I was sitting on an airplane the other day and almost as soon as the plane took off a person sitting nearby began to snuffle and snore.  Pretty soon the sound had reached a crescendo.  Everyone in the cabin reached for his or her headphones in pretty much the same moment.</p> <p>When you are in this type of unfortunate situation you just have to deal with it in the best manner possible.  Headphones provide a pretty good solution.  Nobody minds that much on a one-off occasion.  But you can see how frustration could build for a person who is subjected to this assault upon their ears each and every night of the week.</p> <p>In point of fact, snoring can be a frustrating reality for both the person snoring and for the person who is potentially lying awake next to you.  The causes of snoring can be quite varied as so too can the cures.  In truth the optimal cure is totally dependent upon the individual.  Some things work for one person whilst and totally different solution works f...

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Help To Create An Endorphin High

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<p>Endorphins feel good.  In fact, they make you feel great.  Endorphins are triggered naturally when you exercise or when you are exposed to the sun, amongst other things.  They provide a mental and emotional sunburst, a feeling of well-being in your world.</p> <p>Endorphins are things that you want to keep in a bottle and release when you feel in need of a lift.  Most people do not appreciate that it is indeed possible to do this.  It’s quite simple really.  Whenever you vividly imagine yourself to be in a situation that would normally trigger a release of endorphins, that imaginary situation will trigger the associated stored response. </p> <p>You know how you feel when you watch a horror movie.  Your imagination, as you watch the events unfold on screen, triggers the various emotional and physiological reactions associated with the scene.  You can feel your breathing quicken, your heart begin to beat faster, your muscles tensing up and adrenalin begins to flow.  It’s an auto...

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Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

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<p>Most people accept that as they get older there is likelihood that their blood pressure could become a little higher and that the usual treatment is to take the relevant medication prescribed by their GP.  This provides an easy and effective solution. </p> <p>Some people however, do not like to take medication unless there is no other option available to them.  Hence these people look around for alternative or complementary treatments and leave no stone unturned in their quest to find a natural way in which to lower his or her blood pressure.</p> <p>When one has a physical symptom the instinctive tendency is to look for a physical antidote.  Thus diet, exercise and vitamin supplements are the most traditional routes that people go down when seeking to lower their blood pressure naturally.  That said, many do recognize that stress levels can impact upon blood pressure and this realization alerts them to look for methods of relaxation as well.</p> <p>Hypnosis has been shown i...

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Alexandria Alternative Medicine Practitioners

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Alexandria Alternative Medicine Practitioners Traditional practitioners commonly treat pain and other ailments. However, Alexandria alternative medicine practitioners offer more choices for the individual who wishes to take a different path toward wellness. Among the alternatives offered for medical treatments are acupuncture, acupressure, massage, bodywork and therapeutic massage. Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine practice used to relieve pain. It is alternately used for therapeutic purposes. The procedure consists of inserting thin, disposable, stainless steel needles into specific points of the body in a near-painless experience. The needles are then manipulated to control what is known as &#8220;qi&#8221; or blood flow. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on treating &#8220;patterns of disharmony&#8221; instead of biomedical treatments. Acupressure, on the other hand, can be thought of as a mixture of acupuncture and pressure together. It is another alternative medical techniq...

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Alternative Medicines For Treating Medicines

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Alternative Medicines For Treating Medicines Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by men and women all over the world.  Almost every individual suffers from hair fall at some point in his life and in today’s living environment even young people in their early twenties are turning bald. In this article let us discuss about the causes of hair loss and some of the alternative remedies you can use to prevent or stop further loss of hair. Causes of Hair Loss There are a number of factors that can lead to loss of hair but the main reason of hair fall is an enzyme that converts into Dihydrotestosterone which gets deposited at the base of the hair follicles thereby blocking the growth of new hair. Hence we can assume that hair loss is generally caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. In men hair fall could be a hereditary problem but in women it is generally caused due to menopause.  Other reasons of hair loss could be sedentary lifestyle, scalp infections, stress, depressio...

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Alternative Medicine Education Faqs

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Alternative Medicine Education Faqs Alternative Medicine Education FAQs Find Alternative Medicine Education in the United States and Canada.Visit Here  If you are like the growing number of prospective students seeking an alternative medicine education, then you will discover that there are countless learning institutions and schools that offer diversified courses in alternative medicine education, both here in the U.S. and abroad. Whether you&#8217;re drawn to naturopathic medicine or a number of other healing arts, an alternative medicine education can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to not only attain your certification or licensure in the career of your choice, but will also help you to become an effective health care practitioner. If you&#8217;re considering a career in complementary or integrative medicine, an alternative medicine education is vital to achieving short and long-term professional goals. Subject to ...

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